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Country: United States

Year: 2019

Category: Drama/Crime

Release Date: February 8, 2019

Director: Matthew Berkowitz

A struggling mixed martial arts fighter faces a different kind of battle after his one-night stand turns up dead.

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A Violent Man full movie


Summary: An unknown MMA fighter, Ty Matthews, beats the undefeated champion at a local gym. Overnight, Ty becomes the underdog champion of the world - with a title fight on the horizon. But when the female reporter covering the story is found dead, Ty becomes the murder suspect as he was last seen with her leaving a bar late at night. His only alibi is his girlfriend who is aware of him arriving home late that night. A blackout, a dead body, and incriminating circumstances puts Ty in the middle of a mystery. Like Bogart in “In a Lonely Place” he finds himself under the microscope of a murder, which he doesn’t know if he committed. Now here comes A Violent Man, which might suffer the same fate. The ads play up the angle that this film involves Neeson out for revenge, and while that’s certainly a part of the film, there’s a lot more going on here. And I don’t know if casual moviegoers are prepared for that.

DVD Review – ‘A Violent Man’ fails to find the punch in its MMA story

“Just over halfway through the dismal MMA-themed thriller A Violent Man, the movie’s protagonist – played by former NFL running back Thomas Q Jones – announces that he’s going to “clear my head”. He ends up in a strip club and, soon after arriving, he is slightly provoked by a man and makes mincemeat of his face with a brick. It’s a shocking moment of mostly unexplained violence in a movie that never once has a coherent grip on its characters, who all seem to act according to plot rather than personality. Jones plays mild-mannered MMA fighter Ty, who has aspirations of reaching the top of the sport. Sleazy big fight manager Ben Green (Bruce Davison) brings his client Marco ‘Undefeatable’ Reign (Chuck Liddell) to the gym where Ty trains and, after a short sparring match, Ty forces the champion to tap out. Ben pays some hush money to keep the young fighter quiet, but a video of his victory goes viral and he brags to MMA journalist Victoria (Denise Richards). The day after their interview turns into a night of passion, Victoria is found dead and Ty is top of the list of suspects..

A Violent Man' Debuts First Trailer For Crime Thriller MMA Flick - Watch Now!

"A Violent Man just dropped their first trailer and you need to see it. The upcoming crime thriller follows an unknown MMA fighter (Thomas Q. Jones) who beats the undefeated champion at a local gym. Overnight, he becomes the underdog champion of the world but when the female reporter covering the story is found dead, he becomes the murder suspect and finds himself in the middle of a mystery. Michael Nordine Mar 25, 2019 3:50 pm @slowbeard A Violent Man, jason Momoa Courtesy of DC Entertainment Much to the consternation of fans, “A Violent Man” has yet to receive a teaser trailer despite being scheduled for release later this year. This has naturally led to speculation among those same fans, which director James Wan has apparently had enough of. The “Saw” and “The Conjuring” filmmaker took to Twitter to dispel any rumors about the delay, explaining that the problem is simple: “It’s me.”

Check out the trailer (below) and let us know what you think. While you’re at it, be sure to peep Future’s new song with DJ Stevie J called “Stripper,” which dropped last week. Stay tuned for more.

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